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Street Sweeping

Pinnacle Power Washing LLC, Colorado Springs, CO            Pinnacle Power Washing LLC, Colorado Springs, CO

Just as a clean carpet welcomes your friends and guests, clean streets, parking areas and property exteriors lay out a similar welcome to your tenants, homeowners, customers and guests. In your search for a dependable property maintenance service, you want a company that takes as much pride in clean streets and property exteriors as you do in your own home's carpets and exteriors.

Pinnacle Power Washing LLC, Colorado Springs, CO

Pinnacle Power Washing provides parking lot sweeping, construction sweeping and municipal street sweeping services to our customers.   Pinnacle Power Washing prides itself on “Service with Integrity” and offers both vacuum and broom sweeping services ranging from the smallest parking lot to the largest construction sweeping project. Pinnacle Power Washing has built a company reputation on dependability, reliability and an overall great quality of street sweeping and parking lot sweeping service. We provide our clients with a variety of support options tailored to fit the needs of each individual property and organization. We can set up ongoing property maintenance programs or simply respond to work order requests as you submit them. With consolidated invoicing, a variety of maintenance services, and ability to process work orders via web, text, fax, or phone, we provide clients with an exceptional opportunity to streamline their building maintenance and property maintenance operations.

Pinnacle Power Washing LLC, Colorado Springs, CO

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Pinnacle Power Washing LLC, Colorado Springs, CO