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Thousands of people see your trucks on the road every day.  At PINNACLE POWER WASHING, LLC, we understand how important your image is to you . . . and to your CUSTOMERS!   We also know how much it means to your drivers to have clean and well-maintained trucks to drive.  If you are looking for an excellent source for your truck-washing needs, call PPW.  To us, image in very important and cleanliness is everything!

Do you have a fleet of company vehicles that need to be cleaned on a regular basis?   Then you need to take advantage of our company fleet washing service.  We can clean any type of vehicle, including 18-wheeler tractor-trailers, buses, shuttle-service vehicles, delivery trucks, mail carriers and tractor-trailers, railcars, and planes.  There is nothing on tires that we can't clean and maintain.  Why hire someone to clean your convoy of vehicles?  Because it's the simplest way to get the work done so you can concentrate on what you do best.  

Another reason is because it will actually save you money in repairs, since keeping brakes and other functional parts of a vehicle clean is a recommended part of any good preventive maintenance program.  Distribution companies know the wear and tear their trucks and facilities see.  Your brand is your presence on the road.  If your fleets aren’t meticulously cleaned, it reflects poorly on your company and may draw more attention in the event of a state DOT inspection.  PWW can protect the appearance of your fleets and your reputation in the industry by cleaning your vehicles on a routine schedule.

PPW prides itself on being a RELIABLE truck-washing service that CONSISTENTLY PERFORMS a quality job.  Our cleaning process uses hot-water power washers, brushes, and biodegradable soaps.  This process will remove road film, greasy fingerprints, and exhaust soot. Our most common wash process, a cosmetic cleaning, will clean what can be seen from a distance of ten feet.  This includes the cleaning of all painted surfaces, bumpers, wheels, rims, exterior frame, landing gear, air deflector, windows, mirrors, gas tanks, and grilles.  In some case the quality of the water is so poor that deionized water must be used to provide a quality wash job.

 We also offer more in-depth cleaning such as trailer washouts, tractor detailing, upholstery steam cleaning, aluminum brightening, degreasing, waxing, and polishing.

We schedule the cleaning of your fleet when it is least active.  Many fleets remain dormant during the weekend; therefore, we perform over fifty percent of our customers’ service on the weekend.  Others have us clean during the week during the evenings or during the mornings when driver meeting are being held.  Due to the nature of our industry, we perform our service at hours that go beyond the typical 8-to-5 business day.  In other words, we perform wash services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Another of the biggest benefits you get with PPW is fast service.  Our staff of trained professionals can provide quick but thorough work so your vehicles or haulers stay on the road instead of sitting in a parking lot.  This alone makes outsourcing your commercial fleet washing needs a smart business and financial decision.  We have all the equipment and manpower to handle even the largest fleets. Here's some of the most popular company and commercial fleet cleaning projects we can do:

·                   Tractor-Trailers

·                   Buses for Schools and Businesses

·                   Long-Term Care Shuttle Buses

·                   Delivery Vans, Cars, and Fleets

·                   Complete Lot Cleaning for Car Dealerships

·                   Mail and Route Carriers

·                   Food and Beverage Delivery Trucks

·                   Sales and Maintenance Vehicles

·                   Railcars

·                   Airplanes


We are very secure about our customer-service-satisfaction program. So much so that in our that we provide a FREE DEMO WASH so you can meet our techs and experience their quality of service. The demo wash is 100% free and there is NO OBLIGATION to continue service. We NEVER require a contract. We know you will continue using our services because of the quality results and value-added service you get . . . and we don’t need to hold anyone hostage with a contract.

We are so confident in our fleet washing services that we provide a free demo wash so you can see for yourself our quality of service. The demo wash is 100% free with no obligation to continue service.

Why is PINNACLE POWER WASHING LLC the choice for the particular trucking company? We CATER to the particular!

Sign up today so you can experience the peace of mind in using PINNACLE POWER WASHING LLC!

Sign up today so you can experience how PINNACLE POWER WASHING LLC caters to the particular!


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