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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What should I look for in a truck washing company?
  2. Come on. Can there really be that big of a difference in quality between pressure wash companies?

What should I look for in a truck washing company?

  • Quality - There are many variables that that will affect the quality level of a wash company, such as, experience, equipment, crew size, what kind of soap they use, rinse water quality (filtered/non filtered), hot or cold water wash, etc...
  • Reliability - Of course you want a company that will show up, be on time, and do what they say they will do.
  • Insurance - In case of any damage to your property, obviously you want the company that is washing your trucks to carry liability insurance.
  • Environmental Compliance - This is a very rapidly growing concern when it comes to truck washing. If you are going to choose a pressure wash company that is not compliant with the state's environmental laws, then you are running a serious risk of getting slapped with heavy fines ranging from in the thousands of dollars if they are caught violating these laws on your property.
  • Price - Remember the last 4 things you just read? Well, how important is it to have a reliable, fully insured, environmentally compliant pressure wash company that does quality work?
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Come on. Can there really be that big of a difference in quality between pressure wash companies?

  • The answer, a resounding YES!  Let me explain.  There are several major differences in how pressure wash companies wash trucks. The following are just a few.
  • The Soaps They Use - A lot of companies use a process called "Two Step."  In this process they will spray an acid on the truck, follow that with a neutralizer, and then rinse both chemicals off.  This process, while cost effective for the pressure washer, is quite risky.  If the chemicals are not put on in the right order, rinsed off fast enough, or not rinsed off completely, the paint can be severely burned. This method, if not done properly, can also etch glass, leave ugly streaks in the paint, and even change the color of the paint completely!  Even if done properly, this harsh "Two Step" process will dull the paint by stripping off the shine.  Believe it or not, there are companies who don't even use any soap at all!  Let's face it:  there are dozens of different soap manufactures that make dozens of different types of soaps for truck washing.  Good companies that are concerned about quality will use an effective environmentally friendly soap that is safe to use on any type of vehicle surface.
  • The Equipment They Use - The types of equipment will vary from garden hoses and buckets of soapy water to commercial grade pressure washers that can spray 8 gallons per minute at 3000 psi. and everything in between.  The better companies will use a commercial pressure washer that will deliver at least 5 gallons per minute at 3000 psi to wash your trucks.  With this type of equipment, the customer will benefit greatly from an efficient, higher quality wash.
  • Hot Or Cold Wash - The better companies will also be equipped to wash with hot water as opposed to cold water.  Hot water has many benefits, such as: faster and more-effective rinsing power, much better dirt and road grime removal, and the ability to do degreasing.  And in the winter you can't wash trucks without hot water - period.
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