Pinnacle Power Washing, Colorado Springs, CO



Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Manufacturers, Service Providers


Building owners and property managers know the effort that goes into maintaining their property; PPW will make your life easier so that your group can focus on the issues most important to your business.  The interiors and exteriors of commercial and industrial buildings of any size prove to be no problem for our seasoned professionals.  For manufacturing plants, mills and refineries, PPW can increase your employees’ efficiency and safety by providing them with a clean workspace.  If you’re a service provider in a dirty industry, PPW can enhance your performance and the perception of your company to employees, clients, or even regulators through the cleanliness of your facilities, fleets and job sites. 


·         Cleaning Services:

    • Sidewalks and Plazas
    • Parking Garages
    • Driveways and Pavers
    • Warehouse Floors and Walls
    • Building Facades
    • Loading Docks
    • Fleet Washing
    • Compactor and Dumpster Areas
    • Graffiti Removal  and Anti-Graffiti Sealant
    • Bird Deterrence


·         Other Services

  • Painting