Pinnacle Power Washing, Colorado Springs, CO




Commercial Property Managers and HOA's


HOA's and Property Managers have special needs.  The homeowners association is the cornerstone of a planned residential community.  It brings continuity and order to the community; it preserves the architectural integrity and it maintains the common elements.  Properly run, the association promotes the concept of “community” and protects the neighborhood's property values. In many cases, it collectively makes available clean and, therefore, safe recreational and other facilities to homeowners and residents.  Pinnacle Power Washing continues to have great relationships with property managers of HOAs and directly with the HOAs and are more than willing to meet their needs within the confines of the rules and regulations set by the members of each HOA.


The members of the board of directors of the association have a fiduciary relationship with the members of the association.  This fiduciary relationship imposes obligations of trust and confidence in favor of the corporation and its members.  It requires the members of the board to act in good faith and in the best interests of the members of the association.  It means that board members must exercise due care and diligence when acting for the community, and it requires them to act within the scope of their authority.  PPW is committed to helping you meet that obligation to your community.


The fact that the association is a not-for-profit corporation, or that the members of the board are volunteers and unpaid, does not relieve them from the high standards of trust and responsibility that the fiduciary relationship requires.


Operating a homeowner association carries with it many of the very same duties and responsibilities as overseeing any other business.  Carrying out protocols that are best for the entire community is serious business, but it is also a task worth doing well in order to safeguard the investments of all.  PPW is up to the task and partners with many HOAs to keep its members satisfied.